FAQ- Mega Cluster

About Mega Cluster Scheme: Mega cluster approach is a drive to scale up the infrastructuraland production chain at Handicrafts clusters which have remained

unorganized and have notkept pace with the modernization and development that has been taken place so far. Theprospects of this sector lie in infrastructural upgradation, modernization of the machinery andproduct diversification.

 Innovative manufacturing as well as designing know-how, furthered bybrand building of the native products hold the key to creating a niche market for the productsmanufactured by the clusters. The program supports the Upgradation of infrastructuralfacilities coupled with market linkages and product diversification.

Question: What is the purpose of Megacluster scheme.

  • Ans:To increase income of Artisans.
  • To enhance production and exports.
  • To upgrade living standards of artisans.

Question: What interventions are in megacluster scheme.

Ans:I. Soft Interventionsa. Technical Trainingb. Design & Product Developmentc. Soft Skill Training Awareness Workshopd. Craft Exchange Program Market LinkageII. Hard interventionsa. Common Facility Centers / Community Production Centersb. Raw Material Bankc. Trade Facilitation Centerd. Resource center

Question: How many megacluster have been sanctioned so far and details thereof.

Ans: 6 (Six) Mega cluster at Moradabad, Lucknow, Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh), Jodhpur, Rajasthan,Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir & Jammu & Kashmir with project cost of Rs. 376.93 crores (GOI Share: 269.50 crores) with total release of Rs.115.38 crores. During 2015-16 the released amount isRs. 40.03 crores.

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