1. What is Carpet Weaving Training Scheme?

It is a departmental training scheme (non-plan)

confined to J&K only in which Carpet Weaving Training Centers are set-up to train the potential artisans.

2. How many centers and service centers are there under the scheme?

There are 175 Carpet Weaving Training Centers, working under the supervision of Carpet Weaving Training Service Centers located at Jammu, Anantnag, Baramula, Pulawam, Lehand Field Administrative Cell Srinagar.

3. What are objectives of the scheme?

• To increase the production base in Carpet Weaving in order to meet the growingdemand for hand-knotted carpet in the international market• To increase employment opportunity of Artisans.

4. What is Advanced Training Center?

These are training centers focused at imparting advanced skill in carpet weaving. OnlySkilled trainees are selected in these centers.

5. What is primary training center?

These are centers targeted to train new entrants who don't have any previous knowledge/ skill of carpet weaving.

6. What are incentives given to trainees?

In Advanced training centers trainees are given Rs.2000 / - per month as stipend. In case ofPrimary Training Centers stipend is Rs.1500 / - per month.

7. What is the method of disbursement of stipend?

Stipend is disbursed directly to the Bank / Post Office account of concerned trainees

8. What is method of establishment of training centers?

As per practice village headman / village communities submits request for establishmentof Training Centers to the nearest Service Center. The Assistant Director of service centersconducts a survey in all the villages and furnishes his survey report along with findingsand recommendations. As per recommendation and validation by regional office newcenter is established.

9. What is the process of selection of trainees?

In the selected village and nearby areas trainees are requested to appear in an assessmenttest in which Assistant Director along with support of Instructor / Assistant Instructor,CTOs prepares a merit list as per skill level displayed during the assessment. Trainees areprovisionally selected as per their merit.

10. Who provides tool and raw material?

Tools and raw materials are supplied by the department.

11. What happens to carpet manufactured during the training program?

The manufactured carpets are sold at approved rates in the open market and amountrealized is deposited into Govt. Treasury.

12. How many training centers are running in the part of country other than J&K?

Under this departmental training scheme there is no any carpet weaving training centercurrently running in any part of country other than J&K

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