Question: About the design scheme.

Answer: The scheme is aimed at the development,

competition, and development of indispensable products and foreign-type products for foreign trade.

Provides skills to the craftsmen through craftsmanship and preservation of heritage etc. Of the scheme

The following component is: -

  • 1. Development Development Committee (DDW).
  • 2. Integrated Design and Development Technology Development (IDP).
  • 3. Export and industrial tax assistance for the foreign exchange type.
  • 4. Commercial Opportunity Intelligence through Design, Rand and Telecast Kir Forecast. Aa requirementsAdvance as Awaemen Viddhr in Maduri the Yraia , Period, etc. of the program Aase are some Udiav through made.
  • 5. Financial assistance for the supply of tools, defense equipment, balls, etc.
  • 6. Scholarship Award, National Award and National Excellence Award for exceptional initiative in handicrafts sector( AIMC).

Q: Benefits to individual artisans under the design scheme.

Answer: Under the scheme, individual artisans have the following benefits: 

  • •Artisans can provide guidance for the growth of their technical skills and product design.
  • •300 rupees at the rate of Rs. 300 / - for 25 days in a month.•Rs. 30,000 / - per annum at the rate of Rs.
  • •Distribution of artisans' tax kits.
  • •Recognition of the Constitution through National Award and National Excellence Certificate has been carried out by handicrafts.
  • •Benefit of safeguarding the market interest for the production of artisan items and being trained by the prospecting devices.Will be able to achieve it.
  • • Making of crews by carriers for road production.

Question: How to get information about the current VB / ITP?

Answer: Appointed by Block Field Officers / Zonal Officers under their jurisdiction or in blockDetails of information provided by DDW / IDP.

Q: According to the latest range of production, how can we get information about new designs?

answer:ListourFixedFieldKayathis,DesignCavedronorDesignCan be awarded by Banks / ACDPD / EPCH / MHSC / IICT etc.

Question: How many Regional Design and Technical Development Centers are there and where are they located?

Answer: Five regional regional and technical development centers are in New Delhi, Mumbai, Jammu and Kashmir, Karkata and Wahati.It is lust.

Question: What is the purpose of these regional design and technical development centers?

Answer: The objective of these regional design and technical development centers is to summarize the market trends in their areas.

The product provides guidelines for product development and diversification. Products designTime must be taken to ensure that the design head, less laborious and economical in every languageEveryone was instructed

Question: Which of the following activities have been started by them?

Answer: This center has a working office, integrated design programs in various crafts under its jurisdiction,The craftsmanship program, development of advanced tools and conducting other training programs.

Question: Is any recognition given to excellent teachers in the field of handicrafts?

Answer: Yes, our excellence in taxation is excellent and our national tradition is taxed.In order to encourage the revision, a fresh tax in the form of taxation will be paid like National Award and National Award.Excellence papers (AMC) are submitted.

Question: What kind of assistance and nudayaran are provided to the awardees?

Answer: With the help of the following tax payers and the grantee policy is given:•Swarth Medal, 2 rupees and copper letters for craftsmanship.•1 rupee and a letter of credit for the national nature.•Rs. 75,000 / - for National Merit Certificate

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