Question: Human Resource Development Scheme and its components.

Answer: Unresponsive and redeveloped work of taxation in the field of human resource development scheme [HRD]Has been done for the purpose of making a claim. High quality to meet the requirements of this system at presentWill be responsible in preparing the basic production basis for the production of products. This journey of your mobilizerFor the area as a dedicated cadre of personnel for handicrafts by providing the required inputs through the medium.The month also describes the creation of the capital. Able to make your business successful by doing artisans in itThere is also a claim to provide the necessary soft skin for the repair. 

5 under the Mentor Development Development PlanThe component consists of the following:

1. Guide through edits.

2. Handwriting Radiation Training Program.

3. Radashashakshara through the Su Ru-Shashshtra tradition.

4. Radiographers Tax Radiography.

5. Workshop and Guidelines Program in Design.

Question: Benefits to individual artisans under HRI scheme.

Answer: Under the HRD scheme, individual artisans have the following benefits: -

The artisans can provide guidance for their skill development so that they can get better rates.

  • Wages at the rate of Rs. 25,000 / - to Rs. 30,000 / - by tax-free
  • Rs 30,000 / - National Dadaar Tax at the rate of Rs.•300 rupees for the 24 days in a month at the rate of Rs. 300 / - per day.
  • Rate of Rs. 400 / - for 24 days in a month by making artisans under the Radashashakshak component of RadashashakshanFrom Veti Radanatapoonath.
  • Traveling allowance at the rate of Rs 1500 / - Radanatmah.
  • The ritualistic tradition of transferring Kaushi from one generation to another.
  • Radha Shiksha Onkar is given to the tune of Rs. 2,000 / - in the Rs.

Question: How to get information about the ongoing training program in your area?

Answer: Attendants or blocks in the area under their jurisdiction by the designated field functionaries / field functionariesHere are the details of the information for the Radiation Training Program.

Question: What is the Guru Shashtra tradition training program?

Answer: These components determine the existence of craftsmanship by establishing a new generation of traditional handicrafts.The transfer of knowledge / skills indicates. In this component, surplus / acuity through Radioclastic skillsArtisans tax is paid.

Question: What is the latest revision in Guru Lashtya tradition?

Answer: The latest amendment in the Su Shastra tradition is: -

  • i. The mastermind of the ruler of the rupee is the master of the reir. No role was played in the selection of their guides.
  • ii. A Government official along with the Regional Director of the area related to the selection of the bestAssistant Director Radabhari Handicrafts Opportunity and Service Extension Center Harri.
  • iii. Invite application for selection in the manner in which the application has been received for selection of guidelinesAlso every option.
  • iv. Each applicant will give his / her card and identification card immediately and later.
  • v. Transparent criteria should be set for selection of funds from the received applications.
  • vi. The result of the selection procedure should be updated on the website including the reasons for not being selected.
  • vii. Supervision and supervision of selected radians are done by this office.

Question: What is the eligibility criterion for doctrinal facilities to provide training under the Guru doctrine tradition?

Answer: Sculpture Rupees, National Prize Award, National Merit Certificate, State Prize or ComponentsShashadraasthashalpi is an individual character.

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