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Question: About Marketing Assistance and Services Scheme (MSS).Answer: Opportunities and services are the objective of the Yatra's purpose: Maharashtrians / State queens / tourists and public.Eligible to be charged in Ireland / Residential schools, and international craft guidelines / conservanciesFinancial assistance is provided by various organizations. Due to this, the ownership of handicrafts artisans / national loads of the country Haya or Harra is in the forum for doing groups (SAC). The main components under this scheme are from the following

  • 1. National Schemes / Schemes
  • 2. Radianthania
  • 3. To be hired by the component workers in the ready-to-use space in Ireland programs.
  • 4. National Handicrafts
  • 5. Scrutiny program
  • 6. Hedge in the Guidelines in International Medes and Countries
  • 7. Recreational crafts festival of India / stand up / winte
  • 8/. Study in foreign countries9. International Skill Exposure Program
  • 10. Cultural populism program11. Your party, social and other welfare measures
  • 12. Deta-Raveeta Litigation in India
  • 13. Letters from abroad and Raveeta Letters from India
  • 14. Opposite Functions15. Irish workshops / protections / interactions / programs in foreign countries16. Hired for the mother's death
  • 17. Correspondence through records and electronic media
  • 18. Veu Marketing
Question: What is the benefit of this scheme for artisans?
Answer: The following benefits of this scheme for artisans are: -
•Allotment of stocks in reverse programs such as crafts, radiations, etc.
•TA / DA by doing artisans up to a maximum of Rs.2000 / - in the above mentioned programs.
•Monthly two and a half allowance up to a maximum of Rs.1000 / -
•Artists' tax assistance in carrying out international programs.

Question: How to avail benefits under ongoing programs?
Answer: They can apply in the marketing-related research centers of the advertisement. List of old centers on websiteIs available

Question: What is the procedure for allocation of stalls?
Answer: The allocation of artisans tax stalls is defeated by the field workers on the basis of lottery.Staff are allocated in the programs.

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