Q: How to get information about the current clusters?

Answer: The list of current casters is being maintained by our field workers or field workers.

Guarantee will be made under the residence / residence / block. 

The above information is available in our official website

Question: Which are the important handicraft production clusters of the country?

Answer: In order to achieve high exportation of handicrafts, the important handicrafts producers casters of the country

Are from: -

  • M Radaud (Uttara Radadesh) for the characters and kittratrams.
  • Saharripa (North Radesh) for wood carving and Rit Iron handicrafts.
  • For carpentry (Rastra) wood, rent iris and sea handicrafts.
  • Risapara (Andhra Pradesh) for the items of the game and the dress.
  • For Shriir (Jammu and Kashmir) Kadin.
  • Bhadrahi, for Shamzathapar (Uttar Radesh) Kadi.
  • For travel (rural) cards.

Question: Who are the eligible organizations applying under AHVY?

Answer: Central / state handloom and handicrafts development supported by the state government and the constituent government

Supported by NIRM / agencies or financial institutions / banks and NIFT, NID, Unity Charge, DRDA,

AISIET, Artisan Associations, Co-operative Institutions, Top Co-operative Institutions, Co-operatives, Rust, EDI

And component bodies and non-governmental organizations (APOs) with development income tax (handicraft) offices

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Question: What is the process of submitting new projects?

Answer: Non-Governmental Establishment (APO) in the Appellate Guidelines prescribed for the development of castor artisans.

On the basis of the documents and criteria of non-governmental organization (APO) etc.

For the consideration of the Assistant Assistant Director (H) in the field of regional offices and reputed staff, New Delhi

Can be sent online. At the time of the recommendation, Assistant Director (H) / Regional Office Rear Government Foundation

(Avo) / In case of Rust In order to consider the level of development in the Income Tax (H) office and policy iron

Under Listing, they can check their listing at their level.

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