Question: What steps are being taken by the government to increase the export of handicrafts?

Answer: By the government for the purpose of handicrafts, along with hand-picked cards and component-oriented candidatesThe following steps are being taken: -

  • •Heavyness in Radiation Stations / trains in foreign countries.
  • •Live guidance of craftsmanship in foreigners' guidelines in foreign countries.
  • •In India and abroad, to do the Ireland-Raveeta meeting.
  • •Through the involvement in foreign countries, the brand of Indian handicrafts is promoted and the citizens of the worldIn-house Rapportivity Program.
  • •Produce Indian handicrafts and gifts during the year in addition to product specific programs.
  • •Guidelines for new devices to conduct awareness and opposition through applicants.
  • •The members of the taxpayers will assume the responsibility under the assistance of the MDA Scheme of the Ministry of Taxation.
  • •Provide assistance / information related to the business

Question: Does the Government have any proposal for promotion of handicrafts at tourist places?
Answer: Under the 'Linking Textile Vocational Tourism' program, the government will work on various tourist places of the government.Has started development. From all the State Governments for the development of artisans installment at the sites in their statesThe proposal for sending the proposal has been granted. The overall development of Odisha as a Modified Shilp VillageIt has been done. During the year 2014-15, under this program Rs.10.00 crore has been allocated

Question: Is there no beneficiary of digital marketing locations for rural handicraft products?

Answer: Units referred to under the Indian Handicrafts Entrepreneur through the Tax Returns Duty Regulations.Or is envisaged to directly avail the benefit: -

  • i.Handicraft Entrepreneur - Can afford to demonstrate your product at a very low costis.
  • ii.Nocturnal producer
  • iii.Possibility and Exertion - The opportunity to increase the capacity of such professionals can increase in the situation of export.
  • iv.Importers / Foreigners - The best way to get products through export and exporters andCarefully contacted online manufacturers.
  • v.Karir / Shilpi / Kuruksar - This is an international forum where they demonstrate their talent and sociality.Can.
  • vi.Regional office.
  • vii.The Exports Service Center ie 52 reverse casters and many more.
  • viii.There was a chance to communicate with the artisan and do business by doing a live reception.
  • ix.Our editor-in-chief.x.State Government Emperoria.
  • xi.The purpose of the content organization / individual girl.
  • xii.Self-help group

  • Question: What is the process for implementation of digital marketing places for rural handicraft products?
Answer: The following is the summary of the implementation of the Dealtry Reverse Points for Rural Handicrafts Products: -

i.Design of online e-marketer star of EPCH - defeat the virus of online streamingA virtual display of products is required for the design takeout of the star
 ii.Establishment of online e-marketing starter of EPCH - products tax members, artisans, seasonal producersRefer to the online profile along with proper furtography and methods of giving with the help of etc.Gets
iii.Online e-marketing starter of EPCH.
iv.To assist in the setting up of member products and seasonal producers by their online product catalog.Radiation session - All the online producers and artisans / exporters, etc.Conduct a training session to discuss the benefits and benefits of the course through summation and fieldwork.
v.Linking it with Trade Center Centers - With e-marketing platform, with various trade center centersShrinking can show your skills by preparing the growers and crafts and getting the desired informationSavari harry to access such opportunities to do so.

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