•  Question: When is Suraj Kundi Mela organized?

Answer: It annually defeats Ireland from 1 February to 15 February.

  • Q: What is the procedure for getting a stall at Hadalli Haat?

Answer: Artists can work in their application field offices and through fixed lottery690 / - for 15 days including the defense amount of the amount of Rs.5000 / - to be paid by selected artisansIn terms of advance allocation at the cost of rupees (including tax), significant office taxes are sent.

  • Q: How often can they apply for a stall in Delhi Haat?

Answer: They can apply for a stall at Delhi Haat after a period of six months.

  • Question: The major importers of Indian handicrafts are from the country and what are the major items of export?

Answer: The importing countries of Indian handicrafts are USA, UK, Mathi, UAE, Rance and ITI etc. HandicraftsItems included in the export include card and component quality, kits, handicrafts, textiles, embroideredAnd there are the types of rickshaws, functional classes and zari and zari.

  • Question: What is the part of Indian handicrafts in the world market?

Answer: The share of Indian handicrafts in the world is less than 2%. Export of handpicked cards in the world marketIn India, 33% (worldwide suicides) is the share.

  • Question: Indian handicrafts are from the main competitor countries with exports?

Answer: The country below is competitive in Indian handicrafts exports: -

  • i.Cheetah (all handicraft products and haircuts).
  • ii.Iran and Pakastasti (Har Se Raan Card).
  • iii.Carraria (blood vessel).
  • iv.Rind (Kye, Puent and Mus).
  • v.Filipinas (fibers and fibers and natural fibers).
  • vi.Indonesia (Funt and Mus).
  • vii.Huangdesh (Funt and Hans).
  • viii.Pakistan (Kakti and Patra Shilp).
  • ix.Melxkar (the female character).
  • x.Americas (Clothing and other crafts)

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