Question: Which is the marked location for "Linking Textile Vital Tourism"?

Answer: Development income (handicrafts) office, foreign tourist places ie Nirupat (Andhra Pradesh) and Mra (Uttar Pradesh)The tax has been passed by tax and with the help of relevant State Governments for the year 2016 Necessary development plan will be provided. With the inclusion of the following, it is necessary to take care of the special programs.I am paying attention: -

i.In oppositionii.Includes the Amperia / Way (Way Side) services.iii.Negotiations and promotional activities from the Ministry of Tourism of the Permanent State.iv.Handicrafts Development Activities (Dedicated Assistance, General Service Center and Sankha Maanank etc.).

Question: Describe the special projects for integrated development and promotion of handicrafts?

Answer: For the unified development and promotion of handicrafts, at a cost of Rs 208.81 crore,Of the states of Jharand, Uttarand, Keri, Madhya Radadesh, Arruchi Radadesh, Varasi (North Radadesh), Kitathak, Tenrira and TrauharSpecial program has been approved for which 74.79 crore rupees is being released. Of these traditionsUnder the Internet Intervention, Kaushi Development Guide (Soft & Hard), Distribution of Tools, General Service CentersEmployment and marketing guidelines will be able to increase the productivity and income of the artisans. This158805 handicraft artisans will be directly or indirectly affected under the procedures

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