Questions : There are various schemes for promotion and welfare of handicraft artisans?

Answer: For promotion of handicrafts, the Ministry is implementing 8 schemes: -

  • 1. Artisan Empowerment Scheme (AHVY) - for development of casters.
  • 2. Design and Technology Upgradation Scheme - for design and tools.
  • 3. Human Resource Development Scheme - For Kaushi Uviya.
  • 4. Direct Benefit Scheme to artisans - for providing health care premiums and loan services.
  • 5. Infrastructure and technology development - for financial assistance by providing infrastructure such as urban haats.
  • 6. Mega Cluster - This program is in line with the marketing infrastructure and product innovation systems.Uviya supports tax.
  • 7. Marketing Assistance and Services Scheme - Providing financial assistance for domestic and international competition.
  • 8. Research and Development Scheme - for conducting additional research studies.
  • 9. Apart from the above schemes, carpet training schemes and special programs for other crafts in Jammu and Kashmir.And the Palmistry Academy

Question: Are the schemes of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) office implemented on the basis of quota state-wise?
Answer: No. Schemes of Development Income Tax (Handicrafts) Office, State SpecificRequirement is mandatory.

Q: How can one avail benefits under any scheme?
Answer: To obtain an individual artisan benefit, obtain an Artist ID card (also known as the first card)Can. After obtaining the ID card, handicrafts marketing and service to get the necessary benefits.Ravastar can be applied through the centers. 

Question: How are the art development training provided to the handicraft artisans?
Answer: The rate schemes of this office, including the skill development requirements of the artisans, are mainly human resource development.(HRD) and is supplemented through the scheme of liquidity and radioactivity. In addition, artisansUnder the Castor Scheme, ie, the Anudekar Handicrafts Development Scheme, Kaushal Uviya and DadaUviya Radhaksha is also given

Question: What steps are being taken to move the handicrafts sector on a high growth trajectory?
Answer: Preservation of existing cultural heritage along with forwarding to high altitude interventionThe following steps are being taken for: -Promotion of Radomium handicraft products for the purpose

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