Aditya L-1 mission planned on Surya? 

 The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) recently announced that it will launch the first mission to study the Sun in the year 2019. ISRO will attempt to study the surface of the Sun under this mission. The mission proposed by ISRO is named Aditya L-1.

Currently Mars and Moon are being studied in ISRO's mission. In addition, the Indian space agency is also trying to reach the surface of Venus.

Under-23 World Wrestling Championship?

Ritu Phogat won a silver medal at the Under-23 World Wrestling Championships held in Poland on 24 November 2017. Ritu Phogat lost to Turkish player Demirhan in the 48 kg category gold medal and had to settle for silver medal. Earlier in the quarterfinal match, Indian women's wrestler Ritu Phogat defeated Bulgaria's Selishka by 4-2.

Ozone award? 

The United Nations posthumously awarded the Ozone Award to former Union Minister Anil Madhav Dave. In a ceremony held in Canada, Dave was awarded this honor for his efficient political leadership towards ozone protection. Apart from Anil Madhav Dave, 4 other Indians were awarded this honor. It also includes the name of Chandra Bhushan, deputy director of the Center for Science and Environment (CSE). This amendment towards ozone conservation is also known as Kigali Amendment.

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