•  Question: Definition of Endangered (earlier called Languishing) crafts.

Ans:Definition arrived at after a study was conducted through NIFT, New Delhi.1. The total numbers of craft practitioners are less than 25.2. Crafts persons have replaced craft activity with another activity because the craft practiceis unviable…

if reduction in time spent on the particular craft is more than 50 per cent inthe past three years.3. Next generation in the family is not learning the craft and there is no recruitment of newpersons outside the family. Percentage of new recruitment is less than 40%.

Question: Kindly provide the list of endangered crafts.

  •  Gheso Work of Bikaner, Rajasthan
  • • Kavad of Bassi, Rajasthan
  • • Danka of Udaipur, Rajasthan
  • • Rogan Painting of Nirona, Gujarat
  • • Warak printing of Udaipur, Rajasthan
  • • Mend Ki Chapai of Sanganer, Rajasthan
  • • Split Ply-braiding of Thar Region(India), Rajasthan
  • • Pithora Painting of Jhabua, Madhya PradeshRegion
  • • Hand Block Printing ofTarapur / Javad, Madhya Pradesh
  • • Sanjhi Crafts of Mathura, UP
  • • Cuttaki Chappals of Barang, Orissa
  • • Horn Craft of Cuttack, Orissa
  • • Ganjeefa Cards of Sonepur, Orissa
  • • Wood Toys of Bargarh, Orissa
  • • Copper snake of Boudh, Orissa
  • • Namda of Srinagar, Kashmir
  • • Pinjrakari of Srinagar, Kashmir
  • • Pottery of Srinagar, Kashmir
  • • Silver ware of Srinagar, Kashmir
  • • Tapestry of Srinagar, Kashmir
  • • Wagu of Srinagar, Kashmir
  • • Chamba Rumal of Chamba,Himachal Pradesh
  • • Suri Bowl / Sherpai of Birbhum,West Bengal

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