•  Question Who are the beneficiaries of digital market place for rural handicraftsproducts?

Ans.Under the Indian handcrafts industries following entities are envisaged to

get thebenefits either directly or indirectly through the digital market place:

  • i. Handicraft Entrepreneurs - They can get the benefit to show case their products to theworld at a very low cost.
  • ii. Primary Producers
  • iii. Manufacturers & Exporters - Opportunities to uncap the potential of markets whereexports can be increased.
  • iv. Importers / Overseas Buyers - Convenience of getting a glimpse of products through theportal and get in touch with the Exporters and manufacturers easily online.
  • v. Artisans / Craft Persons / Weavers - It will be an international platform to show casetheir talent and creativity.
  • vi. Regional Officesvii. Export Facilitation Centers ie 52 Marketing Clusters and many more.
  • viii. Buying Agents will get an opportunity to directly communicate and do business withthe Craftsmen.ix. Research Analystsx. State Govt. Emporia's
  • xi. Any other organization / individual having similar objective
  • xii. Self Help Groups

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