• Successful test of supersonic interceptor missile? 

 India successfully test-fired the indigenously developed Advanced Air Defense (AAD) supersonic interceptor missile on 28 December 2017. 

 The missile was test fired from Odul-based Abdul Kalam Island.India has become the fourth country in the world to develop this missile system. 

 This missile is capable of destroying any incoming ballistic missile in low altitude. This was the third supersonic interceptor test of this year, in which the ballistic missile target was successfully intercepted by the interceptor within 30 km altitude of the Earth's atmosphere.

  • 75th Golden Globe Awards 2017?  

The 75th Golden Globe Awards honored artists and actors under various categories.  The event where Indian-American actor and comedian Aziz Ansari was honored.  At the same time, for the first time a black actress (opera winfre) was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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