Ban on the arrival of Muslim refugees in America?  

On January 27, 2017, US President Donald Trump The Refugee Admission Program (USRAP) was discontinued for 120 days. The us The Refugee Admission Program is a federation of federal agencies and nonprofits in the United States. The union works by identifying eligible refugees and entering them and resettling them. The new order also set a limit for the resettlement of 50,000 refugees to the US in the budget year 2017 through the Refugee Admission Program. The limit was up to 1,10,000 refugees by former President Barack Obama. From President Trump's command seven countries related to terrorist activities - Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen (all are Muslim majority countries)

Anti-Corruption Index-2016? 

 On 25 January 2017, the 22nd annual 'Corruption Perception Index - 2016' was released by Transparency International. A total of 176 countries / territories have been ranked in the index this year. This index is extended from 0 to 100 points, in which 0 means Highly Corupt and 100 means Most Clean. Somalia (score -10) is ranked 176 in this index, meaning it is the most corrupt country. India ranks 79th jointly with Belarus, Brazil and China in the Anti-Corruption Index (CPI) -2016. All these 4 countries have an index score of -40.

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