• Economic Freedom Index, 2017? 

 On February 15, 2017, the 23rd Economic Freedom Index 2017 was organized by the famous American think tank "The Heritage Foundation". The Economic Freedom Index (EFI) is a multi-dimensional index of comparative study of economic freedoms given in different countries of the world. The index is based on four pillars of 12 measures - law, limited government, regulatory efficiency and the open market. Out of a total of 186 countries included in the Economic Freedom Index 2017, 180 countries have been ranked. 

 India is often in the category of Mostly Unfrees countries.India is ranked 143 in this index and its score is -52.6. India scores 3 compared to last year. A decrease of 6 points has been recorded. India's neighboring countries Bhutan are ranked 107th, China 111th, Sri Lanka 112th, Nepal 125th, Bangladesh 128th and Pakistan 141st. Thus, India lags behind its neighboring countries in this index.

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