•  What is public service?

 Use of major post offices as front offices for carrying out passport services. A web-based interactive pension distribution system will be set up for defense pensioners.

Rationalize the number of tribunals and merge tribunals where appropriate. To organize ceremonies in proper form in memory of both Champaran and Khorda revolution.

  • What is a digital economy? 

 So far 125 lakh people have adopted Bhima app. The government will launch two new schemes to boost the utility of Bhima, this is the referral bonus scheme for individuals and the cashbank scheme for traders. Banks have set a target of starting an additional 10 lakh new POAc terminals by March 2017. They will be encouraged to start 20 lakh Aadhaar based POS by September 2017. No transaction over Rs 3 lakh will be allowed in cash. Exemption from BCD / Excise / CV charges and SAD to Kalpurjo for manufacture of miniaturized POS card readers, micro ATM standard weight 1.5.1, finger print readers / scanners and iris scanners and their parts and accessories for M-POS .

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