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In Cucurbita the pith degenerates largely to cavity

 In Cucurbita the pith degenerates largely to cavity

Pith or Medulla : It constitutes the central part of the stem. Pith consists of rounded, oval or polygonal parenchyma cells. Intercellular (8) spaces are abundant, The cells store food materials and waste products. In Cucurbita the pith degenerates largely to form cavity. 

A central Reasons of Identification : (i) Occurrence of multicellular hair epidermis, over (ii) Collenchymatous hypodermis. (iii) Wedge- shaped conjoint collateral and open vascular bundles arranged in a single ring. (iv) Prèsence of bundle caps or sclerenchymatous pericycle over vascular bundles, (v) Endarch xylem.

 1.1.4 Internal Structure of Monocot Stem : Monocot stem possesses only primary structure. It is usually circular in outline. The stem may be solid (e.g., Maize) or fistular (e.g. Grass). Monocot stem does not have differentiation of various components of ground tissue system.

 Vascular bundles are also scattered. The different components of monocot stem from outside towards inside are epidermis, hypodermis, ground tissue and vascular strand.

 Epidermis : It is uniseriate outer protective layer of living parenchymatous cells. The cells are rectangular-barrel shaped in outline. The outer walls are cutinised and silicified. Distinct layer of cuticle with or without silica incrustation is present on the outer side. At places the epidermis bears stomata. Each stomate or stoma is surrounded by two dumb.

Protoxylem lies towards the centre of the stem while metaxylem

 Protoxylem lies towards the centre of the stem while metaxylem

Protoxylem lies towards the centre of the stem while metaxylem occurs towards the side of cambium. Such a type of xylem is called éndarch xylem. Protoxylem has narrow small elements while metaxylem has larger and broader elements. Vessels occur in the form of a few radial rows. Tracheids occur in between the radial rows of vessels.

 Xylem fibres are also present here and there. Xylem parenchyma is present mostly towards the outer side of vascular strand. Xylem conducts water and mineral salts. Vessels and tracheids constitute the tracheary elements. However, most of the conduction is carried out by vessels.

 Tracheary elements of protoxylem have annular and spiral thickenings while those of metaxylem have pitted thickenings. Along with conduction of sap, the tracheary elements provide mechanical strength.

 Xylem fibres are purely mechanical in function. Xylem parenchyma stores food. It also helps in lateral conduction of sap. Medullary Rays : They are nonvascular areas present in between the vascular bundles. 

 They are made up of radially elongated Theychymatous cells. Cells are larger than those of cortex. Medullary rays take part in radial conduction of materials - food, water, (7) gases, etc. However, intercellular spaces are very few.

Intrafascicular cambium takes part in secondary growth

Intrafascicular cambium takes part in secondary growth

Vascular Strand : It consists of a ring of vascular bundles. The adjacent vascular bundles are separated by medullary rays. Such vascular strand is called eustele. In Cucurbita vascular bundles occur in two alternate rings. Vascular bundles are wedge-shaped in outline with the broader side towards the pericycle and narrower side towards the centre. 

Each vascular bundle is conjoint, that is, it possesses both phloem and xylem. The vascular bundles are collateral with phloem lying on the outer side and xylem towards the inner side with both being present on the same radius. The vascular bundles in Cucurbita are bicollateral. 

A strip of intrafascicular cambium occurs in between a phloem and xylem. Such a vascular bundle is called open vascular bundle. The cambial cells are thin walled and meristematic. They are actually fusiform in outline but appear reçtangular in T.S. Intrafascicular cambium takes part in secondary growth or formation of secondary vascular tissues.

  It consists of sieve tubes, companion cells, phloem parenchyma and a few phloem fibres. Companion cells control the function of sieve tubes. Phloem parenchyma stores food. It also allows lateral flow of the same.

 Phloem fibres provide mechanical strength. a In phloem, a distinction of protophloem and metaphloem is absent but in xylem distinction into proto xylem and metaxylem is well.

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Guidance should be provided at school level discussion

Guidance should be provided at school level discussion

  Stancy Hall, “Adolescence is a period of great stress and strain, storm and strive.  In fact very revolutionary change take place in personality of a child at this stage.  "In stage children undergo radical physical, mental and emotional changes. This period is a time of mental and emotional struggle for them, so in this stage children should be given proper advice and guidance if EA. 

 Provide proper advice and guidance to them. Theoretical knowledge about changes should be imparted, to provide advice and guidance on various types of exercises or exercises and sports for the physical development and physical fitness of queens in this state if EA.

Guidance should be provided at school level discussions, oratory competitions, literary discussions etc. Those interested in co-curricular activities such as Ray should be advised. They should make efforts to take interest in activities like music, painting in order to inculcate their instincts like sexual instincts, collectivism, combative instincts.  Guidance should be provided on various types of occupations that Sikhs can cultivate.

 It is advisable to collect tickets, collect coins, collect pictures.  Guidance should be given on participating in sports competitions to elevate their fighting spirit. Participate in co-curricular activities and school or community activities, organize such activities and take leadership training if EA.

Adolescence in the puberty is ending; And some of the adults can be seen in the symptoms. It is not a teenager and not the governance. As such, the face of its conflicts in its signativate life is to face the conflict with adaptation. It sometimes fails to adapt to the situation sometimes and forsad the thor's disappointment. 

The longing for social freedom prevails in them

  The longing for social freedom prevails in them

Individuals in this stage experience strong impulses. As their se develop at this stage, they crave for gratification, but they cannot experience gratification due to social restrictions and rules. So he finds different ways for sexual gratification. He longs for heterosexual friendship.

 An intense longing for cohabitation of hetero persons arises. Yet as social constraints become a barrier it finds failed paths to sexual triad. They fall victim to some of the taboo concepts.

 Menstruation or menstruation begins in the tenses of this stage. They feel confused. If proper guidance. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. problems in individuals with this condition can be confusing. Social problems: The social problems of adolescence are as follows. The problem of adaptation with family members The longing to be free from social constraints.

 The struggle between parents The struggle between parents The gap between two generations The aversion to social traditions, customs Religious and skeptical attitudes towards social beliefs.

 The above social problems of adolescence arise in the lives of teenagers. Sometimes family conflicts arise out of it. They do not want social restrictions and restrictions. The longing for social freedom prevails in them. Acceptance in society they want. He feels confused between the constant control of the elders and the constant advice.

 This creates a gap between the two generations. Adolescents who are unable to adapt socially in this situation run away from society. Sometimes taking refuge in escapism. 

Adolescents living under certain restrictions become frustrated with not being able to find a way out of the real situation. Various problems arise from it. Behavioral Strangeness: Adolescence is a transitional period.

 Adolescents in this state sometimes suffer from emotional imbalances. This kind of emotional imbalance does not show consistency and harmony in Tasan's behavior, the same kind of situation makes him happy once in a while, his situation sometimes leads to him breaking down mentally.

 Weeds experience a special psychological state due to various problems of this type of sleep. This condition is called tension. Direct and indirect efforts are being made to get rid of such tension. 

Such indirect measures are called defense mechanisms. Appropriate advice and guidance should be provided by parents, teachers and the society for a pleasant solution to the problems of the youth.

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The same kind of motion is to survive to behave strange

 The same kind of motion is to survive to behave strange

 Federala In the state, Teenage - Arrows Change is less - plus somewhat. He is the advocate of freedom. Anger is produced in danger. When someone is cheated, it is done injustice when it is not injured or sometimes it comes out of the snake.

 It also disguises anger, as well as weapons, such as hunger strikes. In this state, the love of his love is not limited to the family. Especially it is attracts to the opposite sex and it becomes preferences for that person. His love is not just over. But it is deep and intense. He loves a continuous for his favorite character.

 This is the place of joy and delight. In this state, the tears of joy in the teenagers are brought to it, it is a madman - glory to succeed in any work. And the mouse - Massy. In this state, physical changes are quickly, as it is conscious of their physical change. It is also severely costs in the sharing of the opposite sex character. 

If the cartoiler's hide, sometimes develops sexual relations with marriage, then some of their cases are literature, sculpture, music etc. EVERSATION. Teenage - teenagers, sometimes teenagers, and sometimes others, not behaving uniformly. The strange patterns of behavior are seen in their view. The same kind of motion is to survive to behave strange at different times. In one situation, it sometimes enjoys the fun and the situation is that the situation is made up of it. 

Social development is a tear of life. It is opening and pulled the child. This is the important state of the life of the life of the child. This condition is called 'Turfan and Tinav''s statement of Turfan and Sinwa. The emergencies of the teenagers are moved in this state, the ambitions get up, the nightmares take orgary. This condition has important changes to the teens in life in terms of physical development.

 She wonders and survivors his physical change. In this state it felt rapid physical, social and psychological changes. "The One Word Which Bestsheracerizes Adolescence IS CHANGE THE CHANGE IS PHYSIGOGRALLIC, SOCIOLOGALAL and Psychological." Bigge & Hunt.

Santaqual development calls and Bruce's virtual

  Santaqual development calls and Bruce's virtual

The default is in this state. Although stay in real life, sometimes it is often owned in their own psychology. Divarm like it, some teenagers do the creatures of their wanders, subcontinent activities, music and literature. Girls are the brightness of girls than boys.

 In the Chukery Tuberty, the development of teenage terrugers intension is rapidly done. Brazon of boys and girls are found in the shovel. 

Santaqual development calls and Bruce's virtual, comes with severe changes in the development of the pursuit of puberty. Tufan and conflict periods of puberty is called period. This is the life's perception. This is the state of challenges and change, the head of teenagers in the state is inexied.

 It shoes the south, fitting the sow, its gratification is moved to this state. This condition comes from fast physical changes, so the seven-expertise becomes intense and passion. 

The characteristics of the Sabeed development of these conditions assume the standing in the puberty, love, mercy, sympathy etc. in the puberty. Teenagers resist injustice in this state.

 Against the injustice against injustice, it becomes a garden. Deny, the lentish of his kindness and sympathy becomes intense. In this state it takes their own look and beauty, beauty, marriage and business and future career concern. 

"Teenagers' physical power has a strong influence on its sensations. Subtension and healthy teenagers are considerable stability and physically related to lean and mentally unhearden teenagers. 

According to the opinion of Co and Co, the changes in the events and situations, which are developed in development of the knowledge, interest and willing in the puberty, in the puberies, the changes are situated. 

Entire period from infancy to adolescence is adolescence

Entire period from infancy to adolescence is adolescence

 "It is a period in the life of the individual which begins at the end of childhood and ends in the beginning of youth." - Jones and Simpran Youth is a natural instinct that occurs in a group of young women of all social classes and is primarily a modern civilization  And is a product of culture.Encyclopedia of Psychology "Decision is a rapidly expanding life span on geographical, social and future dimensions."  According to Pandey, the entire period from infancy to adolescence is adolescence.

 Physical, mental, emotional, social development and moral development in adolescence The child enters the premises of adolescence from adolescence.  The latter part of adolescence is marked by adolescence.  From the age of about 12 to the age of 20, a child continues to develop during adolescence.  

Physical development slows down a bit during this stage, but sexual development happens quickly.  Maturity comes in adolescence. At this stage the physical growth reaches its climax and the boys show the symptoms of men and the girls the symptoms of women and that is how they behave consciously. 

 Physical development Adolescents grow faster than adolescents and stop at about 15 to 16 years of age, while adolescents develop at about 19 to 20 years of age.

 This physiological change is attributed to the pituitary gland and the sex gland. Weight: Boys weigh more during adolescence than girls.  By the end of this period, boys weigh 25 pounds more than girls. This weight gain during adolescence is due to the growth of muscles and bones.

 Weight gain occurs at different speeds in boys and girls.  During menstruation, maximum weight gain is observed in girls.  While relatively early maturity in boys, their weight gain is achieved later.

Introductory Adolescence is a special stage of human life

  Introductory Adolescence is a special stage of human life

Introductory Adolescence is a special stage of human life. It plays an important role in shaping a child's life. It is a transitional period of human life, usually between twelve and eighteen years of age, although the period of adolescence varies from region to region with individual differences and subcultures. 

This state experiences a variety of rapid physical, emotional and other types of changes. These changes are faster or faster than the developmental changes. So to enter this state, Taranno is amazed at the changes that have taken place in him. Adolescence is called the period of storm and stress. In this state, the mood of the mind is aroused, the ambitions are aroused, the urges are agitated and the youth is on the path of self-realization. 

It finds new directions. An intense longing for intuition and freedom awakens in him, he becomes eager to do something and to do something. Adolescence is found in the stages of education from upper primary to higher education.

 This state is the foundation of a person's life building. Swapro served in this state, ideals identified in this state, masculinity in this state make an important contribution in shaping and masonry of life.

 A person who cannot open in this state like the spring of life cannot thrive. Therefore, in-depth study of this very important stage of life becomes necessary. Definition of Adolescence The word Adolecer is used in Latin for adolescence. 

Adoleter means to grow or mature. The word Adolecent comes from this word. The one who grows up or moves in the direction of assuming maturity can be called a teenager. Adolescence is also called adolescence. We can better understand adolescence from different definitions of adolescence.

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The findings of the study of all these psychologists

The findings of the study of all these psychologists

  Development Task This is a modern concept of developmental psychology.  According to the age of the child. The development pattern of a child is called development pattern. This is called development work. According to Hemingway Hest, "developmental work is a development that develops the behaviors or skills that we expect the child to develop according to the individual stage."

 Expressed during a certain period of life.  The teacher who wants to achieve the holistic development of the child should try to accomplish in his behavior the tasks to be accomplished in different fields at different stages of the child's life.

 Development Departments Development is an ongoing integrated process.  Each person achieves a different developmental story at different stages of their life.The patterns of child development are interdependent and interdependent.  However, for the convenience of study, different sections of development have been provided.

  Physical development Motor Motor Gesture development  Mental development Social development Thus, the age limit of a person is not proven. As the child grows older, so does his development. From the mother's conception to her death, the person continues his developmental journey.

  In the development of the child, the tide comes out. The period of development in which the pattern of development is maintained continuously over a period of certain years is known as the stage of development.

  Psychologists such as Ernest Johns, Having Hurt, Eric Erickson, etc. have tried to differentiate the stages of development.  The findings of the study of all these psychologists can finally be divided into general developmental stages as follows.

Analyzes it from an exploratory point of view by closely

  Analyzes it from an exploratory point of view by closely

 Factors Affecting Different Stages Physical, Mental, Emotional and Intellectual Introduction Thus, a person has been constantly growing and developing since he was born.  It continues to evolve throughout its lifespan.

 Life is constantly moving and evolving. That is why it is said, We are the ones who are constantly developing, the goal of education is to develop the child continuously. should be sung in education.

 As the child develops, his physical, mental, emotional and social needs should be taken into consideration and fictional programs should be organized according to the stages of his development. Thus, only if it is done, the whole development of Baa can be achieved due to education.

 Developmental Psychology This is a living branch of psychology.  Emotionally, linguistically we study social changes.His field of study is the study of the stages of child development, how the child develops throughout his life, starting from Garmadhan,what changes take place in his homeland. 

 Analyzes it from an exploratory point of view by closely observing the changes that take place in its needs, expectations and aspirations according to different stages.  Developmental psychology studies the child with four objectives in mind. 

 The development of a normal child, giving proper guidance at different stages of child development, gaining control over the child and the environment especially when necessary and getting rid of misconceptions or prejudices about development.

  It is essential to study developmental science in order to get proper information about the developmental organs of children and to give proper guidance to bikes, parents, teachers.

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Physical development continues from 12 to 20 yearss

Physical development continues from 12 to 20 years

 During this stage, physical development continues from 12 to 20 years. Physical growth reaches its peak. In Indian contexts, the growth of females is faster than that of weeds and stops at 15 to 16 years of age, indicating the mental development of 16-year-old swimmers in Indian swimmers.

 The sexual organs of Indian males develop. Boys develop a mustache, a beard on their cheeks, and boys develop testicles, penis, spermatozoa, fallopian tubes, and the prostate gland, while girls develop ovaries, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and vagina. Menstruation begins: her breasts grow, sweat under her armpits, glands become active, and hair grows around her genitals.

Indians - facts have to do, so they do not have to be mad. In the Kao Annie has some decisions in his personality. E-Khartan nation and youth are sometimes contradictions in its stan development.

 That 'or they believe in the revenge of hair 5 in the tradition and the other side they are proud of being traded that being traded. Rooms of Rohr, choose the same way to live with friends or friends, with the use of the servants' or friends.

Sometimes the more people of the more families are suffering

 Sometimes the more people of the more families are suffering

The development of Row is the Human, Raj, but the social controls increase it. The Indian units of these conditions are strongly persecuted, but due to social controls and rules, they experience mental conflict. The opposite sexual attraction is a great way to enjoy the survival neon fun, some sexual disorders in the twum regular. May is, the crisis of the ga for you.

 Need, they experience hurricanes and mental stagns, so the hallows like hunk, are dazzling in Divaswago and imaginity, in this state, it is stored in shady distant. Because of sexual interest, she is asylum to add some addictions to get rid of it. 

Some tensions - floats are in the burglasts like Tobacco, Gutkha, Muvasavan), the Indian rule - the other minute of the gymnarm is the main minister. They do not have enough of their family guidance, because they are a family of the school and they are not able to help. Same tenses - The tactics are freedom of the stream.

 He doesn't like the sanjaban. They are self-help, e, that they want to take a study or their own, they are egg 49, according to their choice, but parents are restricted on the choice of its choice. So it is made of migilation of the mental rigor. Indian Termina - Mumarathi is living in the United States.

 Therefore, they have to obey the combined family standards and the tightenes. Sometimes the more people of the more families are suffering. It does not receive freedom of growing, so it feels unclaimed. Indian-social and culture are a poverty of tradition, components of social and cultural traditions.

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Physical growth stops automatically after a person achieves

 Physical growth stops automatically after a person achieves

The body's processes are limited. It is not lifelong. This type of physical growth stops automatically after a person achieves some maturity or maturity.  From this it can be said that growth is only a physical phenomenon, related to one to another, with the process of growth.This is called development.The development is the result of the child's condition and the overall effect of the environment on him.

He can control the behaviors that others do not like, D's his temper becomes strong, he does not have a special attraction towards people of the opposite sex  He is afraid of them.  He does not like anyone's advice or teaching.

  Since he is out of the house, he prefers to stay for 3 hours, children in this state understand the causal relationship.  8 Features of puberty in Indian context India is a region with a hot climate, so the period of Taray sometimes starts from 10 or sometimes 11 years and extends to 18 years or more.  

 The spring of adolescence settles where the weeds that are still in adolescence are still in adolescence. In this situation, the weeds that live in the special years of adolescence, when the symptoms of starvation begin to appear quickly, sometimes the step is confused. 

 Adolescent symptoms in Indian adolescents 3 The height of a 13 year old Indian adolescent is At the age of 16, the height of an Indian teenager is 67.5 "and the height of a young girl is 64.6". Indian tassels begin to feel youthful in the latter part of adolescence.


Symptoms Physical development becomes faster

Symptoms Physical development becomes faster

Adolescence is a stage of delusional maturity. The first three years of this stage are of rapid development. During this time the child's physical and mental development is accelerated. In the years that followed, there was a strange stagnation in its development.

  A ten-year-old teenager has the same stability as an adult man. The symptoms of this condition are as follows: Symptoms Physical development becomes faster, height increases, weight increases.The development of the head is about 95 percent.  The number of bones is 350 and there are 32 permanent teeth. 

 As the heart rate drops from 100 to 85, its gestational development is almost completely stunted. His shoulders are wide. His mental development becomes faster.  Its receptivity increases.  His curiosity becomes strong, his curiosity for everyday transactions arises.

  Children in this state have a keen sense of observation. Trying to understand animals, birds, etc. His comprehension and comprehension power develops.  The intensity of the impulses is found to decrease. Ishyabhiva becomes intuitive and strong in it. It becomes extroverted.  He likes to be with peers and in groups.  Confluence is a notable feature of this condition.  

He likes to be in a group and he stays loyal to the group.  His curiosity becomes strong.  He likes to know and listen to new things, Veerapuja in him.  That person engenders a spirit of worship. He is attracted to a great player, leader or actor.  He has a longing for freedom, so his militancy is strong.  He becomes rebellious against restrictions. 

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Behavior that satisfies his needs and which he often enjoys

 Behavior that satisfies his needs and which he often enjoys

Symptoms of this condition can be considered as follows: Symptoms of infancy T-tax Infants have a very fickle mind. The whole behavior of children in this stage is full of efforts to satisfy their needs. 

 Behavior that satisfies his needs and which he often enjoys is more imaginative in this state, he cannot adapt to the environment, he lacks common sense and judgment, and children in this state are strong imitators.

 It lacks policy-immorality. It is parasitic for its material needs. It has a narrow selfishness. It cannot cope with the reality of the world. In this state the child's behavior is very impulsive. It is more solitary. It is easily influenced by outside experiences. 

Children in this state also have feelings of love and sexuality. Children in this state have sexuality in three forms.  There are,  sexuality, homosexuality and,  heterosexuality.  A child of this age is very interested in himself and his body.  The child then expresses his love to the members of his race. 

This is homosexuality and shows dislike as a parent of the opposite sex showing child sexuality. The son loves the mother and the daughter loves the father.

The process of measuring growth is complex

 The process of measuring growth is complex

Growth is a physical phenomenon. development is a psychological phenomenon. "The process of growth is finite. Some: The process of development is a lifelong process . Every growth corrodes when some Growth is a gradual and continuous process. I am indirectly associated with growth behavior.

 "Development is directly related to human behavior or behavior. The result of growth can be seen. The result of development I experience through behavior Growth is a total phenomenon, it shows integrity.

 It is associated with growth. Growth is essential for growth. Growth is inevitable for growth. Only growth can be measured. The process of measuring growth is complex. It is simple. Growth can only be measured by certain techniques. Growth occurs within certain limits.

 'Growth is sometimes incomplete. The potential is vast, the horizon is wide. Is a process involved, so it is used synonymously  This stage begins when the desert.  This period is about nine or ten months before birth.  This period begins with the mother's conception. 

 The developmental journey of life begins from the time a child is born after nine months. During this stage, the physical growth of the child takes place rapidly.  This physical growth also depends on the mother's inheritance.  In addition, the mother's eating habits, her addictions, her immaturity of the fetus are directly or indirectly dependent on.

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The person gradually develops strengths and abilities

 The person gradually develops strengths and abilities

Development is a continuous change in the living body towards certain final conditions. Development is the integration of physical and mental changes through which a person can master climate change. Development is a complex phenomenon that involves growth. Thus, with the help of the brain as the person grows physically, the person interacts with the environment and either adjusts to the situation or gains control over the situation. 

Hence, development is the strength that a person acquires due to growth.  combination of many factors and skills play a part in the development process.  The goal of development is speed from perfection. Due to development, special abilities and new characteristics take shape in a person. The process of development is continuous and gradual.  

The person gradually develops strengths and abilities. Distinctive Characteristics of Development Development is a lifelong process.  Development is a complex phenomenon, the development of a combination of physical and mental changes affects the development of the birth heritage and environment.  Development is a motivating factor in a child's behavior.

 Development has a direct effect on a child's actions. There is totality in development, it signifies whole change. Developmental changes can be felt in terms of behavior.  At the end of development the person learns through experiences.

 Growth is essential for growth. Link growth cannot be measured directly. Growth can be measured at certain levels by specific techniques. Development is a movement towards perfection, not the self-attainment of perfection, it has huge potential.