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Analyzes it from an exploratory point of view by closely

  Analyzes it from an exploratory point of view by closely

 Factors Affecting Different Stages Physical, Mental, Emotional and Intellectual Introduction Thus, a person has been constantly growing and developing since he was born.  It continues to evolve throughout its lifespan.

 Life is constantly moving and evolving. That is why it is said, We are the ones who are constantly developing, the goal of education is to develop the child continuously. should be sung in education.

 As the child develops, his physical, mental, emotional and social needs should be taken into consideration and fictional programs should be organized according to the stages of his development. Thus, only if it is done, the whole development of Baa can be achieved due to education.

 Developmental Psychology This is a living branch of psychology.  Emotionally, linguistically we study social changes.His field of study is the study of the stages of child development, how the child develops throughout his life, starting from Garmadhan,what changes take place in his homeland. 

 Analyzes it from an exploratory point of view by closely observing the changes that take place in its needs, expectations and aspirations according to different stages.  Developmental psychology studies the child with four objectives in mind. 

 The development of a normal child, giving proper guidance at different stages of child development, gaining control over the child and the environment especially when necessary and getting rid of misconceptions or prejudices about development.

  It is essential to study developmental science in order to get proper information about the developmental organs of children and to give proper guidance to bikes, parents, teachers.

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