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Entire period from infancy to adolescence is adolescence

Entire period from infancy to adolescence is adolescence

 "It is a period in the life of the individual which begins at the end of childhood and ends in the beginning of youth." - Jones and Simpran Youth is a natural instinct that occurs in a group of young women of all social classes and is primarily a modern civilization  And is a product of culture.Encyclopedia of Psychology "Decision is a rapidly expanding life span on geographical, social and future dimensions."  According to Pandey, the entire period from infancy to adolescence is adolescence.

 Physical, mental, emotional, social development and moral development in adolescence The child enters the premises of adolescence from adolescence.  The latter part of adolescence is marked by adolescence.  From the age of about 12 to the age of 20, a child continues to develop during adolescence.  

Physical development slows down a bit during this stage, but sexual development happens quickly.  Maturity comes in adolescence. At this stage the physical growth reaches its climax and the boys show the symptoms of men and the girls the symptoms of women and that is how they behave consciously. 

 Physical development Adolescents grow faster than adolescents and stop at about 15 to 16 years of age, while adolescents develop at about 19 to 20 years of age.

 This physiological change is attributed to the pituitary gland and the sex gland. Weight: Boys weigh more during adolescence than girls.  By the end of this period, boys weigh 25 pounds more than girls. This weight gain during adolescence is due to the growth of muscles and bones.

 Weight gain occurs at different speeds in boys and girls.  During menstruation, maximum weight gain is observed in girls.  While relatively early maturity in boys, their weight gain is achieved later.

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