Friday, 16 April 2021

Guidance should be provided at school level discussion

Guidance should be provided at school level discussion

  Stancy Hall, “Adolescence is a period of great stress and strain, storm and strive.  In fact very revolutionary change take place in personality of a child at this stage.  "In stage children undergo radical physical, mental and emotional changes. This period is a time of mental and emotional struggle for them, so in this stage children should be given proper advice and guidance if EA. 

 Provide proper advice and guidance to them. Theoretical knowledge about changes should be imparted, to provide advice and guidance on various types of exercises or exercises and sports for the physical development and physical fitness of queens in this state if EA.

Guidance should be provided at school level discussions, oratory competitions, literary discussions etc. Those interested in co-curricular activities such as Ray should be advised. They should make efforts to take interest in activities like music, painting in order to inculcate their instincts like sexual instincts, collectivism, combative instincts.  Guidance should be provided on various types of occupations that Sikhs can cultivate.

 It is advisable to collect tickets, collect coins, collect pictures.  Guidance should be given on participating in sports competitions to elevate their fighting spirit. Participate in co-curricular activities and school or community activities, organize such activities and take leadership training if EA.

Adolescence in the puberty is ending; And some of the adults can be seen in the symptoms. It is not a teenager and not the governance. As such, the face of its conflicts in its signativate life is to face the conflict with adaptation. It sometimes fails to adapt to the situation sometimes and forsad the thor's disappointment. 

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