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Introductory Adolescence is a special stage of human life

  Introductory Adolescence is a special stage of human life

Introductory Adolescence is a special stage of human life. It plays an important role in shaping a child's life. It is a transitional period of human life, usually between twelve and eighteen years of age, although the period of adolescence varies from region to region with individual differences and subcultures. 

This state experiences a variety of rapid physical, emotional and other types of changes. These changes are faster or faster than the developmental changes. So to enter this state, Taranno is amazed at the changes that have taken place in him. Adolescence is called the period of storm and stress. In this state, the mood of the mind is aroused, the ambitions are aroused, the urges are agitated and the youth is on the path of self-realization. 

It finds new directions. An intense longing for intuition and freedom awakens in him, he becomes eager to do something and to do something. Adolescence is found in the stages of education from upper primary to higher education.

 This state is the foundation of a person's life building. Swapro served in this state, ideals identified in this state, masculinity in this state make an important contribution in shaping and masonry of life.

 A person who cannot open in this state like the spring of life cannot thrive. Therefore, in-depth study of this very important stage of life becomes necessary. Definition of Adolescence The word Adolecer is used in Latin for adolescence. 

Adoleter means to grow or mature. The word Adolecent comes from this word. The one who grows up or moves in the direction of assuming maturity can be called a teenager. Adolescence is also called adolescence. We can better understand adolescence from different definitions of adolescence.

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