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Physical growth stops automatically after a person achieves

 Physical growth stops automatically after a person achieves

The body's processes are limited. It is not lifelong. This type of physical growth stops automatically after a person achieves some maturity or maturity.  From this it can be said that growth is only a physical phenomenon, related to one to another, with the process of growth.This is called development.The development is the result of the child's condition and the overall effect of the environment on him.

He can control the behaviors that others do not like, D's his temper becomes strong, he does not have a special attraction towards people of the opposite sex  He is afraid of them.  He does not like anyone's advice or teaching.

  Since he is out of the house, he prefers to stay for 3 hours, children in this state understand the causal relationship.  8 Features of puberty in Indian context India is a region with a hot climate, so the period of Taray sometimes starts from 10 or sometimes 11 years and extends to 18 years or more.  

 The spring of adolescence settles where the weeds that are still in adolescence are still in adolescence. In this situation, the weeds that live in the special years of adolescence, when the symptoms of starvation begin to appear quickly, sometimes the step is confused. 

 Adolescent symptoms in Indian adolescents 3 The height of a 13 year old Indian adolescent is At the age of 16, the height of an Indian teenager is 67.5 "and the height of a young girl is 64.6". Indian tassels begin to feel youthful in the latter part of adolescence.


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