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Santaqual development calls and Bruce's virtual

  Santaqual development calls and Bruce's virtual

The default is in this state. Although stay in real life, sometimes it is often owned in their own psychology. Divarm like it, some teenagers do the creatures of their wanders, subcontinent activities, music and literature. Girls are the brightness of girls than boys.

 In the Chukery Tuberty, the development of teenage terrugers intension is rapidly done. Brazon of boys and girls are found in the shovel. 

Santaqual development calls and Bruce's virtual, comes with severe changes in the development of the pursuit of puberty. Tufan and conflict periods of puberty is called period. This is the life's perception. This is the state of challenges and change, the head of teenagers in the state is inexied.

 It shoes the south, fitting the sow, its gratification is moved to this state. This condition comes from fast physical changes, so the seven-expertise becomes intense and passion. 

The characteristics of the Sabeed development of these conditions assume the standing in the puberty, love, mercy, sympathy etc. in the puberty. Teenagers resist injustice in this state.

 Against the injustice against injustice, it becomes a garden. Deny, the lentish of his kindness and sympathy becomes intense. In this state it takes their own look and beauty, beauty, marriage and business and future career concern. 

"Teenagers' physical power has a strong influence on its sensations. Subtension and healthy teenagers are considerable stability and physically related to lean and mentally unhearden teenagers. 

According to the opinion of Co and Co, the changes in the events and situations, which are developed in development of the knowledge, interest and willing in the puberty, in the puberies, the changes are situated. 

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