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Symptoms Physical development becomes faster

Symptoms Physical development becomes faster

Adolescence is a stage of delusional maturity. The first three years of this stage are of rapid development. During this time the child's physical and mental development is accelerated. In the years that followed, there was a strange stagnation in its development.

  A ten-year-old teenager has the same stability as an adult man. The symptoms of this condition are as follows: Symptoms Physical development becomes faster, height increases, weight increases.The development of the head is about 95 percent.  The number of bones is 350 and there are 32 permanent teeth. 

 As the heart rate drops from 100 to 85, its gestational development is almost completely stunted. His shoulders are wide. His mental development becomes faster.  Its receptivity increases.  His curiosity becomes strong, his curiosity for everyday transactions arises.

  Children in this state have a keen sense of observation. Trying to understand animals, birds, etc. His comprehension and comprehension power develops.  The intensity of the impulses is found to decrease. Ishyabhiva becomes intuitive and strong in it. It becomes extroverted.  He likes to be with peers and in groups.  Confluence is a notable feature of this condition.  

He likes to be in a group and he stays loyal to the group.  His curiosity becomes strong.  He likes to know and listen to new things, Veerapuja in him.  That person engenders a spirit of worship. He is attracted to a great player, leader or actor.  He has a longing for freedom, so his militancy is strong.  He becomes rebellious against restrictions. 

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