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The findings of the study of all these psychologists

The findings of the study of all these psychologists

  Development Task This is a modern concept of developmental psychology.  According to the age of the child. The development pattern of a child is called development pattern. This is called development work. According to Hemingway Hest, "developmental work is a development that develops the behaviors or skills that we expect the child to develop according to the individual stage."

 Expressed during a certain period of life.  The teacher who wants to achieve the holistic development of the child should try to accomplish in his behavior the tasks to be accomplished in different fields at different stages of the child's life.

 Development Departments Development is an ongoing integrated process.  Each person achieves a different developmental story at different stages of their life.The patterns of child development are interdependent and interdependent.  However, for the convenience of study, different sections of development have been provided.

  Physical development Motor Motor Gesture development  Mental development Social development Thus, the age limit of a person is not proven. As the child grows older, so does his development. From the mother's conception to her death, the person continues his developmental journey.

  In the development of the child, the tide comes out. The period of development in which the pattern of development is maintained continuously over a period of certain years is known as the stage of development.

  Psychologists such as Ernest Johns, Having Hurt, Eric Erickson, etc. have tried to differentiate the stages of development.  The findings of the study of all these psychologists can finally be divided into general developmental stages as follows.

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