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The longing for social freedom prevails in them

  The longing for social freedom prevails in them

Individuals in this stage experience strong impulses. As their se develop at this stage, they crave for gratification, but they cannot experience gratification due to social restrictions and rules. So he finds different ways for sexual gratification. He longs for heterosexual friendship.

 An intense longing for cohabitation of hetero persons arises. Yet as social constraints become a barrier it finds failed paths to sexual triad. They fall victim to some of the taboo concepts.

 Menstruation or menstruation begins in the tenses of this stage. They feel confused. If proper guidance. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. problems in individuals with this condition can be confusing. Social problems: The social problems of adolescence are as follows. The problem of adaptation with family members The longing to be free from social constraints.

 The struggle between parents The struggle between parents The gap between two generations The aversion to social traditions, customs Religious and skeptical attitudes towards social beliefs.

 The above social problems of adolescence arise in the lives of teenagers. Sometimes family conflicts arise out of it. They do not want social restrictions and restrictions. The longing for social freedom prevails in them. Acceptance in society they want. He feels confused between the constant control of the elders and the constant advice.

 This creates a gap between the two generations. Adolescents who are unable to adapt socially in this situation run away from society. Sometimes taking refuge in escapism. 

Adolescents living under certain restrictions become frustrated with not being able to find a way out of the real situation. Various problems arise from it. Behavioral Strangeness: Adolescence is a transitional period.

 Adolescents in this state sometimes suffer from emotional imbalances. This kind of emotional imbalance does not show consistency and harmony in Tasan's behavior, the same kind of situation makes him happy once in a while, his situation sometimes leads to him breaking down mentally.

 Weeds experience a special psychological state due to various problems of this type of sleep. This condition is called tension. Direct and indirect efforts are being made to get rid of such tension. 

Such indirect measures are called defense mechanisms. Appropriate advice and guidance should be provided by parents, teachers and the society for a pleasant solution to the problems of the youth.

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