Thursday, 8 April 2021

The person gradually develops strengths and abilities

 The person gradually develops strengths and abilities

Development is a continuous change in the living body towards certain final conditions. Development is the integration of physical and mental changes through which a person can master climate change. Development is a complex phenomenon that involves growth. Thus, with the help of the brain as the person grows physically, the person interacts with the environment and either adjusts to the situation or gains control over the situation. 

Hence, development is the strength that a person acquires due to growth.  combination of many factors and skills play a part in the development process.  The goal of development is speed from perfection. Due to development, special abilities and new characteristics take shape in a person. The process of development is continuous and gradual.  

The person gradually develops strengths and abilities. Distinctive Characteristics of Development Development is a lifelong process.  Development is a complex phenomenon, the development of a combination of physical and mental changes affects the development of the birth heritage and environment.  Development is a motivating factor in a child's behavior.

 Development has a direct effect on a child's actions. There is totality in development, it signifies whole change. Developmental changes can be felt in terms of behavior.  At the end of development the person learns through experiences.

 Growth is essential for growth. Link growth cannot be measured directly. Growth can be measured at certain levels by specific techniques. Development is a movement towards perfection, not the self-attainment of perfection, it has huge potential.

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