Friday, 9 April 2021

The process of measuring growth is complex

 The process of measuring growth is complex

Growth is a physical phenomenon. development is a psychological phenomenon. "The process of growth is finite. Some: The process of development is a lifelong process . Every growth corrodes when some Growth is a gradual and continuous process. I am indirectly associated with growth behavior.

 "Development is directly related to human behavior or behavior. The result of growth can be seen. The result of development I experience through behavior Growth is a total phenomenon, it shows integrity.

 It is associated with growth. Growth is essential for growth. Growth is inevitable for growth. Only growth can be measured. The process of measuring growth is complex. It is simple. Growth can only be measured by certain techniques. Growth occurs within certain limits.

 'Growth is sometimes incomplete. The potential is vast, the horizon is wide. Is a process involved, so it is used synonymously  This stage begins when the desert.  This period is about nine or ten months before birth.  This period begins with the mother's conception. 

 The developmental journey of life begins from the time a child is born after nine months. During this stage, the physical growth of the child takes place rapidly.  This physical growth also depends on the mother's inheritance.  In addition, the mother's eating habits, her addictions, her immaturity of the fetus are directly or indirectly dependent on.

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