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The same kind of motion is to survive to behave strange

 The same kind of motion is to survive to behave strange

 Federala In the state, Teenage - Arrows Change is less - plus somewhat. He is the advocate of freedom. Anger is produced in danger. When someone is cheated, it is done injustice when it is not injured or sometimes it comes out of the snake.

 It also disguises anger, as well as weapons, such as hunger strikes. In this state, the love of his love is not limited to the family. Especially it is attracts to the opposite sex and it becomes preferences for that person. His love is not just over. But it is deep and intense. He loves a continuous for his favorite character.

 This is the place of joy and delight. In this state, the tears of joy in the teenagers are brought to it, it is a madman - glory to succeed in any work. And the mouse - Massy. In this state, physical changes are quickly, as it is conscious of their physical change. It is also severely costs in the sharing of the opposite sex character. 

If the cartoiler's hide, sometimes develops sexual relations with marriage, then some of their cases are literature, sculpture, music etc. EVERSATION. Teenage - teenagers, sometimes teenagers, and sometimes others, not behaving uniformly. The strange patterns of behavior are seen in their view. The same kind of motion is to survive to behave strange at different times. In one situation, it sometimes enjoys the fun and the situation is that the situation is made up of it. 

Social development is a tear of life. It is opening and pulled the child. This is the important state of the life of the life of the child. This condition is called 'Turfan and Tinav''s statement of Turfan and Sinwa. The emergencies of the teenagers are moved in this state, the ambitions get up, the nightmares take orgary. This condition has important changes to the teens in life in terms of physical development.

 She wonders and survivors his physical change. In this state it felt rapid physical, social and psychological changes. "The One Word Which Bestsheracerizes Adolescence IS CHANGE THE CHANGE IS PHYSIGOGRALLIC, SOCIOLOGALAL and Psychological." Bigge & Hunt.

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